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 “An undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks, the encountering of risks, an exciting or remarkable experience, an enterprise involving financial risk”.

So, according to this definition, every time we swing our legs over a motorcycle we are about to embark on an adventure. Sounds pretty fare to me, every time we ride around it is definitively “an undertaking involving danger and unknown risks” it is absolutely “an exciting and remarkable experience” and it definitively is “an enterprise involving financial risk” considering most bikes now a day cost a pretty penny.
To have an adventure there is no need to cross the desert blind folded eating crickets, just hop on and get going, and this is exactly what you will find here. I will ride in different situations, share my experiences so other people can benefit from my mistakes and victories, I will test different bikes and give my opinion as an average rider, cause most of us are average riders, most of us don’t do this for a living, we do this because we love it, because we can’t do without it.


Ducati Scrambler



Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

~John Lennon~

2017 Aprilia TuonoV4 1100RR


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