“An undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks, the encountering of risks, an exciting or remarkable experience, an enterprise involving financial risk”.

So, according to this definition, every time we swing our legs over a motorcycle we are about to embark on an adventure. Sounds pretty fare to me, every time we ride around it is definitively “an undertaking involving danger and unknown risks” it is absolutely “an exciting and remarkable experience” and it definitively is “an enterprise involving financial risk” considering most bikes now a day cost a pretty penny.
To have an adventure there is no need to cross the desert blind folded eating crickets, just hop on and get going, and this is exactly what you will find here. I will ride in different situations, share my experiences so other people can benefit from my mistakes and victories, I will test different bikes and give my opinion as an average rider, cause most of us are average riders, most of us don’t do this for a living, we do this because we love it, because we can’t do without it.


Ducati Scrambler



Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

~John Lennon~
  • Service light reset for your BMW F800GS

    Here is how to reset the service light on your BMW F800GS. Let’s reset the service light and the service intervals of your BMW F800GS or whatever other compatible BMW motorcycle you own. The first step is obviously going to either the Appstore or Google play to download the “Motoscan” app, after installing the app […]

  • Scotts steering damper

    Scotts Steering Damper on a BMW F800GS When it comes to steering dampers, Scotts steering damper is nothing but top of the line, they make handlebars stabilizers for most if not all the motorcycles on the market, obviously that includes the BMW F800GS. Scotts product is a compact, fully adjustable hydraulic shock absorbing damper that […]

  • Altrider skid plate

    Altrider skid plate The BMW OEM skid plate is excellent if you drive your F800GS on roads only, but if you bought a BMW F800GS is most likely because you feel the need for adventure and you want to venture out in the wild, at this point the OEM skid plate is not enough anymore […]

  • BMW F800GS oil & filter change

    BMW F800GS oil & filter change done right. Changing the oil to your motorcycle is an old classic, everyone can do it, but are they donning right? The owner’s manual on your F800GS states “Both too little and too much engine oil can lead to engine damage. Always make sure that the oil level is […]

  • BMW F800GS chain adjustment.

    Chain adjustment difficulty level: Adjusting the chain tension on your bike it’s pretty easy, as long as you remember to follow a few simple steps as per the BMW owner’s manual, and if you don’t want to pull out your manual just keep reading as I lay them out for you. First let’s figure out […]

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